Coaching Services

Sandra focuses her coaching on resource education, setting and meeting goals, patient rights and advocacy, practical steps towards success, and emotional peer support. Sandra is not a trained therapist, but she regards her assistance as practical, supportive, and essential for navigating the experience of living with acute and chronic illness.

When you first connect virtually with Sandra, she’ll provide you with a free, 15-minute assessment. From there you decide how much involvement is necessary. Assistance could include, but is not limited to:

  • Accessing and Organizing Medical Records
  • Communicating with Doctors and Nurses
  • Sourcing Assistance, Products, Additional Support
  • Mediation
  • Goal Setting
  • Establishing Safety Nets
  • Emotional Support

Sandra’s philosophical approach is based on “incrementalism,” which she defines as “small steps/small changes leading to positive and improved outcomes.” Sandra wants each client to know that, despite being diagnosed with a chronic illness, achieving satisfaction and joy is possible. She wants each client to feel more confident, empowered, and in control of these circumstances—immediate or long-term.

“Everybody warns about overdoing it, but I believe there’s potentially more consequences for underdoing it.”

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